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concrete ghost
the concrete tassel collection


 in collaboration with Di Overton of  
 Ghost Furniture & Designer's Block 
 to see the entire collection visit the   
 concrete ghost website






Concrete Ghost:
A tale of the unexpected, a collaboration born in the blogosphere which came down to earth in concrete form! 

Di Overton and I literally did meet in cyberspace through a mutual interest in each other's work.
Creating the collection has perfectly combined our skills and interests – I’ve made concrete sculptures by casting directly from real silk tassels and thereafter Di has embellished them with vintage pasementier, turned them into three-dimensional pictures or applied them to choice pieces from her
Ghost Furniture range.



To see the whole collection,
To order on-line &
To commission bespoke tassels
Vist the
Concrete Ghost website

And for the backstory, the inspiration and studio development, see this post on my blog:
Studio Blog: Concrete Ghost


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