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baroque collection
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about the collection

The BAROQUE COLLECTION was inspired by the ornamental stone and plasterwork incorporated within facades and interiors of 18th and 19th century architecture. Swags, tassels, fruit and flowers were common motifs in this style of sculptural decoration.

A unique feature of these contemporary interpretations is that the imagery is created by direct casting from real-life objects and materials. Thus, rather than raised, sculpted motifs, the imagery is indented to the surface

Isolating the motifs within a blank, flat surface introduces a modernist element to the design, highlighting the contemporary aesthetic.

The friezes are conceived as linear installations and can be set within blank tiles of the same size and colour - or contrasting colour.

The friezes illustrated are composed of tiles at 30cms (12")square. Other dimensions can be commissioned but this would require new originals to be made and subsequently new moulds.

Recommended material is GRC (Glass Reinforced Concrete) which is strong and lightweight. It is suitable for outdoor installation.

Please email for details kathy@kathydalwood.com

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    baroque collection
    swag-drape frieze

      direct casting from swags of silk fabric


visualisation with vintage architecture photograph






    tudor frieze
      for larger image click here

inspired by the Elizabethen ruff and created by direct casting
       from lace, silk fabric, ribbon and tassels.  




 click on pictureabove for friezes in imagined architectural and landscape settings 

to find out the backstory visit my studio blog
        tassel friezes  



        concrete tiles collection



                                 visualisations in garden settings courtesy of   my landscapes                                                                                           top  




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