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concrete wall tiles + friezes

the baroque collection

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grape + leaf tile

ribbon swag tile

swirl tile
swag + drop  tile

design concept

This tile / frieze collection developed with reference to Baroque sculpture, especially the figurative detail used to adorn the facades of 18th century buildings like the voluptuous garlands of fruit and sculpted swags which frame portals and windows.
Applying a contemporary twist, these motifs are indented into a perfectly flat surface and cast in industrial concrete


outside :

Conceived to bring interesting surface relief to exterior walls and to enhance a landscaping scheme, the tiles can be applied in small areas as a focal point or, as the designs work on a repeat basis, in continuous rows or large blocks.

inside :

As wall sculptures, hung as single tiles or in row

As an alternative to stone or marble - as a fire surround for example, or kitchen splash-back



size, materials & colour


Tiles illustrated are 30cms sq
However other sizes can be made to commission
Very large scale friezes in all materials listed below can be commissioned


Fine casting plaster is suitable for internal application. This has a beautiful and timeless quality

If the tiles are to be sited in a vulnerable position then extremely hard plasters can be specified which will withstand wear and tear

It’s also possible to specify GRG (glass reinforced gypsum) which is a special hard plaster with a fiberglass base. It is very durable and more lightweight

Jesmonite is a plaster look-alike material, extremely hard and light. It is available in a huge range of colours and can be colour matched. Installation is as for regular fibrous plasterwork or by other straightforward methods

A special Jesmonite is also available for exterior application

Concrete can be specified for both interior and exterior tiles. It is frost-proofed and water-proofed

GRC (glass reinforced concrete) which is strong but much lighter than regular concrete.


Natural grey concrete made with Portland cement

White concrete 

If cast in Jesmonite colours matching is possible



baroque tile & urn sculpture                                   concrete figurine & baroque tile

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