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'Secret Society - a Last Supper'
an installation in the show 'Odyssey' curated by
Bo Lee Gallery
at The Church of St Edmund The King, City of London














about the installation..

Secret Society – a Last Supper

Each new Secret Society venue suggests a particular style of feast. The chancel of St Edmund King & Martyr Church in the heart of the City of London, immediately inspired an all-female Last Supper, introducing a feminist perspective to this biblical event.

The style of food and drink in historical paintings of the Last Supper table are reflected in this contemporary version – flagons and flasks, fruit and fish alongside skulls and bones - traditional Biblical symbols of impending death –


and on the floor as in many Renaissance portrayals of the Last Supper, a large basin and shoes, in this feminist version, high-heeled stilettos, representing the washing of Christ’s feet.

Alluding to the church’s location in the heart of the City of London, phones, calculators and computers – essential instruments of the modern banker’s trade - rest among those other crucial appendages to the city workers’ day – the shrink-wrapped sandwich and take-away coffee cup.


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