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  the urn cut-out collection    




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design concept

The designs play with references to the classical and Baroque, but the mirrors are given a totally modern edge through interpretation in a variety of contemporary materials - acrylic, polycarbonate, steel or glass


placement: exterior or interior


Specified in acrylic or mirrored steel for outdoors, the cut-outs introduce an intriguing 4th dimension to a landscaped area or terrace, creating mesmerising trompe l'œil reflections and expanding and transforming the space around them. The silhouettes possess a dramatic, sculptural presence and play with not only references to classical gardens but also perceptions of scale. There are seven different profiles in the collection

For lobbies, public rooms and bedrooms, cut-outs in glass or steel will enhance space and also provide an eye-catching pictorial element.

sizes: can be commissioned in up to 3m high

cut-outs in strong, scratch-resistant Polycarbonate can be specified for bars, washrooms or other areas of heavy use.


 the etched urn collection   

 perspex frame + glass mirror


A graphic 21st century interpretation of 18th century urn + swag imagery, motifs used throughout Baroque design and given new focus when applied to
a contemporary material such as acrylic and fabricated with state-of-the art computer technology.

The Perspex mirror frames carry laser etched motifs inked in a contrasting colour.

The manufacturing method allows clients to specify a size and colour appropriate for their scheme.

For colour swatch link to perspex / lucite colour range
Any size up to 3 metres can be specified.