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relief wall sculpture


about the collections

These on-going collections and commissions are conceived as a contemporary alternative to traditional ornamental plasterwork and external relief decoration.

Architectural friezes and decorative plasterwork have been used to embellish the facades of buildings and to introduce a relief decorative element to interiors since classical times. The motifs in these collections refer at times to imagery characteristic of the architecture of the past – from the Baroque to the Modernist movements – but distinctively and in contrast to traditional sculpted reliefs, the motifs are indented to the surface.

A further unique feature in these contemporary designs is that the imagery is often created from direct casting from real-life objects and materials.

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setsquares mark 1,2,3,4 & 6



setsquares mark 5

setsquares mark 6

mexican setsquares

setsquares machina

baroque collection

abstract relief frieze


public sculpture commissions


relief concrete tiles:
public sculpture commission, Llanedyrn,Cardiff



public sculpture commission:
Cynon Valley Hospital, Wales


Public sculpture commission:
St David's, Cardiff



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