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Public sculpture commission 
St David's 2, Cardiff

Four Friezes

the commission
the site
A large shopping mall within the St David’s 2 development in

The St David's 2 Partnership commissioned a number of artworks
for this new development conceived to enhance the existing
shopping central and city living in Cardiff



the brief

To create four 9m x 800mm plaster friezes to be installed around an overhead circular bulkhead, lit from a glass dome above.

The design should make reference to the history and heritage of Cardiff and to the medieval site on which St David's 2 is constructed.


the concept

Three of the four designs were inspired by relief sculptures on Cardiff City Hall and the Law Courts; In 1900 sculptors were commissioned to create a series of reliefs to symbolise the city’s history and status as an industrial port with global reach. (see images below)

I chose various motifs from these historic friezes but in contrast to those sculptto the surface and I cast from real life objects.

In the 4th frieze, the gloves and rope make reference to Cardiff's medieval history; the ancient guilds of the Cordwainers and Glovers were once established on the site of St David's Two.

The friezes are cast in Jesmonite - an off-white , fine concrete.

installation date  April 2009


The reliefs at Cardiff City Hall and the Law Courts which inspired the Friezes


                             The St David's 2 Friezes

                   Studio: work in progress
Showing first stage plaster casts and silicone moulds
                for final cast friezes. The motifs were created by taking impressions of real-life
                objects which were then enlarged through a mouldmaking
                process made possible by new polymer technology which
                allows an exact to-scale expansion of the original object.
    At fabricators:  casts made from silicone positives   
   (final cast material: Jesmonite)

Below, ideas for the friezes at the early stages;
casts made to show the concept to the St Davids Partnership team who commissioned the sculpture

           details showing indentation of motifs

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