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concrete figurine collection






The figurines are rough concrete re-casts of vintage porcelain and plaster originals, hunted down in backwaters in Britain and abroad, from Thrift stores in the Appalachian Mountains to flea markets in France and Belgium and sea-side junk shops.

Named after the place they were discovered or some element of their appearance, their personality is quite transformed when cast in hardcore concrete. Exactly as in industrial fabrication methods, mould lines and flashing are deliberately left evident creating a rawness strangely at odds with the delicate, intricately detailed originals.

Each figurine is individually cast by hand and every one comes out of the mould differently, making each cast quite unique. The concrete mix is also varied in terms of texture and colour.

Cast from frost-proof concrete, the figurines can be placed inside or outside.












concrete somerset girl    
height 35cms (inc. plinth)



monsieur nimes    height 29cms




concrete knoxville girl    height 45cms (inc. plinth)



concrete chattanooga girl     height 34cms (inc. plinth)


concrete atlanta girl height 24cms (inc. plinth)


concrete seaside girl      height 35cms (inc. plinth) 


 concrete marie-antoinette     height 26cms (inc. plinth)



concrete tassel man height 32cms (inc. plinth)


concrete button man     height 32cms (inc. plinth)

concrete west-side girl height 32cms (inc. plinth)



concrete tenessee girl & american girl
       height 26cms (inc. plinth)



concrete ghent boy    height 29cms (inc. plinth)


  concrete roman girl    mini-figurine ht: 15-18cms (6-7")



  concrete nowhere girl        height 29cms (inc. plinth)



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