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   kathy dalwood at Habitat      

the setsquares collection
designed by Kathy Dalwood exclusively for
Autumn / Winter 2008
launched in stores worldwide

setsquares collection
comprises 2 vases & 4 relief wall panels



the project

“I was delighted to engage in this collaboration with Habitat which has been an exciting and interesting project from start to finish.

It’s been great to work with the product development team at Habitat and get the opportunity to discuss and develop my designs with such creative and imaginative people.

The team initially picked up on some tile designs from my cast collection, a range which had presented me with huge manufacturing problems at the time and consequently – and frustratingly – never really saw the light of day.

These designs became the starting point for the setsquares Habitat range, with two vase designs in addition to four decorative wall panels, all exploring the same visual themes and references.

The manufacturers whom Habitat commissioned achieved an outstanding level of expertise in producing what turned out to be six very technically challenging designs.

The finished products are absolutely faithful to my original concept and it has been fantastic to see the designs realized to such a high standard of craftsmanship.

And of course to be able to present my designs to such a wide audience, through Habitat stores world-wide, is a really exciting opportunity. I hope that audience will also be interested to find out something about how a contemporary product range comes into being.”

the designs

Inspiration for the collection came from architecture and civil engineering of the Modernist period – monumental industrial buildings and vast abstract structures such as silos, dams, water towers and bridges. An intriguing contradiction arises when these monolithic, raw concrete structures are reduced to a domestic scale and interpreted in delicate, textured white porcelain

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'every product tells a story'
about the setsquares collection



            the setsquares collection

                 wall panel installation

                                 tall vase     

            small vase

                   tall vase h43 w15 d11cms small vase h30 w12 d12cms
                            decorative wall panels

30cms square white porcelain

                 The designs are intended  to work both singly and grouped together – see some arrangements below.
                 The abstract nature of the design means that the panels can be placed in any orientation or configuration.

originating & developing the designs

Initially ideas were developed through many sketches with reference to a collection of images and photographs referring to architecture and engineered structures.

Some of these two-dimensional ideas were then explored in three dimensions through solid plaster maquettes, cast from moulds constructed from various materals chosen to create indentations and textured pattern.

For the vases, it was important that the object was interesting to view on all
sides, and for the wall panels, the squares needed to work whichever way up they were, and in relation to each other.

A final selection was made of the most successful designs – according to those criteria – and these maquettes (along with detailed plans) were passed on to the manufacture, who transposed the entire concept to porcelain.






plaster versions


plaster versions
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